The Easter Trail provides a fun, free way to experience an Easter activity that takes place from the convenience of your own vehicle. The route mapped out for you will take you past the different locations where objects, relating to the Easter story, are randomly placed for you to find. We ask that you stay in your vehicle as you slowly make your way past the marked locations while you enjoy the challenge of the search. Please use four-way lights when necessary. We ask that you stay in your vehicle and do not enter onto the residential properties where items are placed.On this site, there is a list of addresses, the objects to discover, and the Bible references that tell the Easter story. You will see a sign at each location. Please begin at Stop #1 where you can pick up a printed flyer containing all of this information. Then, follow the trail as depicted on the map.

Stop #1
21221 Daily Rd
John 12:12-15 (NIV)

Items to find:
• Palm branches
• Hosanna sign
• Donkey

Stop #2
1808 Daily Rd
John 2:13-16 (NIV)

Items to find:
• Cattle
• Sheep
• Doves
• Overturned table
• Coins

Stop #3
1520 Coleman Rd
Matthew 26:14-16 (NIV)

Items to find:
• 30 pieces of silver

Stop #4
1510 Coleman Rd
Mark 14:12-26 (NIV)

Items to find:
• Lamb
• Jar of water
• Bread of the Last Supper
• Cup of the Last Supper

Stop #5
2702 Country Side Dr
John 18:1-10 (NIV)

Items to find:
• Torches
• Lantern
• Sword

Stop #6
1105 S 23rd St
Mark 14:65-15:1 & 15 (NIV)

Items to find:
• Rooster
• Rope
• Whip
• Blindfold

Stop #7
1801 Hubbard Ave
Mark 15:16-20 (NIV)

Items to find:
• Purple robe
• Crown of thorns
• Staff

Stop #8
1708 Woodruff Ave
John 19:16-24 (NIV)

Items to find:
• Cross
• Nails
• Notice: Jesus of Nazareth/King of the Jews
• Dice
• Jesus' garments

Stop #9
812 South 24th St
John 19:28-37 (NIV)

Items to find:
• Jar of wine vinegar
• Sponge
• Spear

Stop #10
609 South 22nd St
Luke 23:44-47 (NIV)

Items to find:
• Temple curtain
• Centurion helmet
• Centurion shield

Stop #11
302 North 22nd ST
Luke 24:1-8 (NIV)

Items to find:
• Empty tomb